Runtime performance monitoring made easy


a small and free library, that helps locating performance problems in existing Java™ applications.

JETM enables

developers to track down performance issues on demand, either programmatic or declarative with minimal impact on application performance, even in production.

What do you get?

In order to identify the root cause of bad application performance a fairly limited set of data is needed. Usually it is enough to identify

to track down application hotspots. However collecting those data is either expensive (in terms of budget or application side effects) or too low level or just highly proprietary.

This is where the Java™ Execution Time Measurement Library comes into play.

How does it work?

With minor changes to your source or simply by declaration you can monitor your application performance, for instance using a HTTP Console or Text Output or RRD Graphs. See online demo and further monitoring examples.


Just go ahead and start with JETM trail or simply download the library.

Project news

2013/05/12 Good bye sourceforge!
2013/04/01 JETM 1.3.0 on it's way
2009/02/12 Spring bugfix release JETM 1.2.3
2007/07/09 Minor release JETM 1.2.2
2007/05/01 Bugfix release: JETM 1.2.1

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