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Bugfix release: JETM 1.2.1

This is the first (and hopefully last) JETM 1.2.x bugfix release that improves internal concurrency handling and fixes several HTTP console issues. It is recommended to upgrade since it significantly decreases runtime overhead and monitoring side effects. Download JETM 1.2.1 here.

Full changelog:

New features
  - Dump current state to log file during reset - if dump plugin is active

Changes, Fixes and Improvements
  - Removed blocking during EtmMonitor.render()
  - Improved locking during collection and aggregation
  - HTTP Console: Fixed average division by zero
  - HTTP Console: Fixed broken reset link in MeasurementPoint detailed view
  - HTTP Console: Aligned sort order for overview and detail view
  - HTTP Console: Switched to better resource loading
  - JETM Web Demo: Fixed wrong filter pattern for logging
  - JETM Web Demo: Removed Java 5.0 dependency
  - JETM Samples: Removed util namespace from 5 minute tutorial(#1706118)
  - Build and Test: Java 1.4 support