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Good bye sourceforge!

About nine years ago we committed the first JETM code fragment to Nine years have been a long time and during that timeframe JETM has been a happy sourceforge user. Nevertheless we have to admit that in recent years the overall sourceforge experience declined, and during the current JETM 1.3.0 refactorings we have noticed that it's almost impossible to work efficiently. SVN performance is pretty poor, same applies to the tracker etc.

So we decided to move on and migrate the project from to Github/GIT using the Github tracker and google groups mailing lists. Here are the new links:

Again many thanks to providing a free service!

In related news: JETM 1.3.0 is progressing. JETM CDI integration is pretty much done, same applies to JSF 2.0 integration. Most of the project is converted to Maven2 layout already, just the sample section and documentation is missing. However we encountered a couple Apache OWB, JBoss Weld and Mojarra bugs that slowed down development. We plan to release 1.3.0 in May 2013. Stay tuned!

In the meantime GIT master and online documentation are slightly out of sync. You may still access the old svn state via SVN URL