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Minor release JETM 1.2.2

In the last two months we received a couple bug reports so we decided to release another minor version. JETM 1.2.2 includes fixes to all reported issues and a few experimental or undocumented features that are targeted for JETM 1.3.0.

Download JETM 1.2.2 here (Maven 2 artifacts should be available soon).

Full changelog:

New features
 - First revision TabularData in JMX Beans (recommended by Nat Luengnaruemitchai)
 - (Undocumented) JBoss AOP Support (target release will be JETM 1.3.0)
 - Experimental JETM Connector for .ear deployment (target release will be JETM 1.3.0)

Changes, Fixes and Improvements
 - Switched back to non Thread Context Classloader resource loading
 - Fixed possible NullPointers in MonitoringBeanDefinitionParser (reported by Nat Luengnaruemitchai)
 - Fixed NullPointer in 1.2 XML configuration parsing for interval based monitoring
 - RFC 2616 compliant HTTP status response linefeeds (reported by Nat Luengnaruemitchai)
 - Clarified aop.xml requirement for AspectWerkz offline weaving
 - Fixed further documentation/javadoc errors

Thanks for your feedback and bug reports.