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Feedback wanted: JETM 1.2.0 SNAPSHOT

JETM 1.2.0 has come a long way last days. It is pretty close to be finished, so far the migration to RRD4j is missing only. As of today we are planning to release 1.2.0 end of January - early February 2007.

In the meantime please try out the current daily snapshot and report issues with it.

The snapshot contains the following changes:

Please check Using JETM HTTP Console, Web application integration, Springframework integration and Aggregation persistence in the snapshot documentation section for updated documentation.

Attention: Migrating to the new release should be a matter of switching to the new libraries unless you implemented a custom Aggregator or Plugin. In this case you need to alter your implementation and adapt the new interfaces containing an additional lifecycle method init(EtmMonitorContext ctx). For plugins move logic in EtmPlugin#setMonitor() to this method.