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JETM 1.1.0 released

Luckily this is OSS so we could miss our planned release date and skip a few features for JETM 1.1. Nevertheless JETM now includes AspectWerkz support, an improved HTTP console and better web application integration. Everything else - especially RRD4j support - got moved to the next release.

Full changelog:

 New features
 - AspectWerkz Support
 - Generic Web App Integration Support
 - Expanded/Collapsed HTTP Console result rendering
 - Dump on shutdown plugin

 Changes, Fixes and Improvements
 - robots.txt for HTTP console added (disabled actions)
 - EtmManager.getEtmMonitor() now returns a proxy, this allows
   late EtmMonitor init.
 - Removed auto referesh in HTTP console
 - Added reset(MeasurementPointName) to EtmMonitor
 - Improved SimpleTextRenderer layout
 - Logging aggregators now support filtering

Be aware that the interfaces EtmMonitor and Aggregator had to be extended in order to reset a single measurement point. Both changes should not have any consequences for existing applications unless your are using custom implementations of these interfaces.