Runtime performance monitoring made easy

JETM Changelog

Release 1.3.0

 Changes, Fixes and Improvements
 - Java EE 6 Support: CDI Integration via Extension
 - Java EE 6 Support: JSF 2 Monitoring
 - Minor internal fixes and improvements
  - SLF4J Support (patch by Juergen Herrmann)
  - Possible memory leaks
  - Switch to JDK 5+ collection
 - Minor console fixes
 - Switched to maven layout
 - Moved from SVN to Git (and from Sourceforge to Github)

Release 1.2.3

 Changes, Fixes and Improvements
 - Fixed NoSuchMethodError with Spring 2.5
 - Removed "new DefaultTimer()" dependencies and replaced it with
   EtmManagerFactory.bestAvailable() invocations
 - Added "bestAvailable" as a timer configuration value in spring xsd
 - Removed unnecessary ant-junit.jar which can lead to FileNotFoundExceptions during test
   execution via ant

Release 1.2.2

New features
 - First revision TabularData in JMX Beans (recommended by Nat Luengnaruemitchai)
 - (Undocumented) JBoss AOP Support (target release will be JETM 1.3.0)
 - Experimental JETM Connector for .ear deployment (target release will be JETM 1.3.0)

 Changes, Fixes and Improvements
 - Switched back to non Thread Context Classloader resource loading
 - Fixed possible NullPointers in MonitoringBeanDefinitionParser (reported by Nat Luengnaruemitchai)
 - Fixed NullPointer in 1.2 XML configuration parsing for interval based monitoring
 - RFC 2616 compliant HTTP status response linefeeds (reported by Nat Luengnaruemitchai)
 - Clarified aop.xml requirement for AspectWerkz offline weaving
 - Fixed further documentation/javadoc errors

Release 1.2.1

 New features
  - Dump current state to log file during reset - if dump plugin is active

 Changes, Fixes and Improvements
  - Removed blocking during EtmMonitor.render()
  - Improved locking during collection and aggregation
  - HTTP Console: Fixed average division by zero
  - HTTP Console: Fixed broken reset link in MeasurementPoint detailed view
  - HTTP Console: Aligned sort order for overview and detail view
  - HTTP Console: Switched to better resource loading
  - JETM Web Demo: Fixed wrong filter pattern for logging
  - JETM Web Demo: Removed Java 5.0 dependency
  - JETM Samples: Removed util namespace from 5 minute tutorial(#1706118)
  - Build and Test: Java 1.4 support

Release 1.2.0

 New features
  - Improved Spring integration using Spring 2.x namespaces
  - Sort by name, executions and times in HTTP console
  - Switch collapsed/expanded mode in HTTP console during runtime
  - Added support for persistent aggregation results
  - Added HTTP console servlet for EtmManager and Spring Managed EtmMonitors
  - Activated JMX support (deprecated old JMX MBeans), now export top
    level performance results as JMX MBean
  - Simplified XML based configuration (use jetm_config_1_2.dtd therefore)
  - Added basic RRD4j support
  - Added EtmPluginMetadata - thus enabling lookup for runtime configuration
    such as HTTP Console listen port
  - Added Filter for aggregator chains.
  - Added event system - especially useful for plugins

 Changes, Fixes and Improvements
  - Five minute tutorial added
  - Documentation improvements
  - Deprecated Flat- and NestedAggregator in favour of one common RootAggregator
  - Deprecated MeasurementPoint in favour of EtmMonitor#createPoint()
  - Decreased EtmMonitor locking sections
  - Added setter for plugins for better Spring integration
  - Improved logging, now using log4j/java 1.4 logging if available
    (reverts to standard out if not)
  - Now writing warnings if monitor is not running
  - Reverted to shared java.util.Timer for scheduling
  - Minor fixes to logging aggregators
  - Altered startup order of plugin and aggregator 
  - Added init(EtmMonitorContext) to plugin and aggregator lifecycle
  - Added system property support for jetm-config.xml

  - Switched from CVS to SVN (history not migrated)

Release 1.1.1

Changes, Fixes and Improvements
  - Switched to thread context classloader to load resources.

Release 1.1.0

 New features
 - AspectWerkz Support
 - Generic Web App Integration Support
 - Expanded/Collapsed HTTP Console result rendering
 - Dump on shutdown plugin

 Changes, Fixes and Improvements
 - robots.txt for HTTP console added (disabled actions)
 - EtmManager.getEtmMonitor() now returns a proxy, this allows
   late EtmMonitor init.
 - Removed auto referesh in HTTP console
 - Added reset(MeasurementPointName) to EtmMonitor
 - Improved SimpleTextRenderer layout
 - Logging aggregators now support filtering

Release 1.0.0

 New features
 - Spring based demo (currently available online only)

 Changes, Fixes and Improvements
 - Javadoc cleanup
 - Fixed logging aggregator bugs

Release 0.8.0

 New features
  - Enabled Plugin Support for XML Configuration
  - Added HTTPConsoleServer Plugin

 Changes, Fixes and Improvements
  - EtmMonitor instances have now two states (required for plugin mechanism)
  - HTTPConsoleServer Startup Thread fixes.
  - Minor layout changes in SimpleHtmlRenderer
  - Autostart for EtmManager configurations

Release 0.7.0

 New features
  - Added spring support
  - Added AOP Alliance support
  - Added log framework abstractions
  - Added log4j style configurators
  - Added drop-in HTTP console

 Changes, Fixes and Improvements
  - Removed StaticMeasurementPoint and MonitorFactory and switched
    to Log4J/Commons Loging type configuration for static monitoring
  - Improved online documentation, javadoc and examples
  - Aggregators now use mixed constructor/setter injection for required
    and optional dependencies
  - Minor API changes in monitor constructors
  - Moved BufferedTimedAggregator to core package
  - Moved Jdk14DumpAggregator to Jdk14LogAggregator (new package)
  - Temporary disabled JBoss support

For changelog prior to 0.7.0 see CVS