Package etm.core.timer

Execution timer abstraction.


Interface Summary

Base interface for measurement timers.


Class Summary
DefaultTimer The DefaultTimer uses System.currentTimeMillis() and will provide fairly coarse grained statistics on the Windows(TM) platform.
Java15NanoTimer The Java15NanoTimer uses the new JDK 1.5 System.nanotime.
SunHighResTimer The SunHighResTimer makes use of undocumented Sun JDK High Performance Timer code.misc.Perf.

Package etm.core.timer Description

Execution timer abstraction.

The resolution of a timer strictly depends on the Java VM version and the underlying Operating System. Therefore this package introduces several timer implementations that may be used to record execution times. By default JETM will try to use the best available timer implementation, however it is possible to define the used ExectionTimer implementation at EtmMonitor construction time.

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