Package etm.core.monitor

Java™ Execution Time Measurement Library core package.


Interface Summary

An EtmMonitor is responsible for collecting and aggregating Measurements Point information.

EtmMonitorContext The EtmMonitorContext provides means to access certain runtime details of a given EtmMonitor instance.
EtmPoint The EtmPoint represents one measurement.

Class Summary
EtmMonitorSupport Abstract base class for the execution time measurement monitors.
FlatMonitor The FlatMonitor records all measurement points separately even if they are nested.
MeasurementPoint Deprecated. Please use EtmMonitor.createPoint(String) instead.

The NestedMonitor records nested EtmPoints as a tree using ThreadLocals to maintain the thread depend caller tree.

NullMonitor The NullMonitor does nothing and this way may limit the overhead in a production environment.

Exception Summary
EtmException Base exception for all etm exceptions.

Package etm.core.monitor Description

Java™ Execution Time Measurement Library core package.

This package contains the core classes of JETM.
And instance of EtmMonitor is used to collect and aggregate measurements represented through EtmPoint instances.

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