Package etm.core.configuration

Static configuration support similar to Log4j configuration.


Class Summary
BasicEtmConfigurator BasicEtmConfigurator configuration implementation for programmatic monitor configuration.
EtmAggregatorConfig EtmAggregatorConfig represents an aggregator chain configuration.
EtmManager Static helper class for accessing the EtmMonitor instance created by EtmConfigurators such as BasicEtmConfigurator or XmlEtmConfigurator
EtmMonitorConfig Represent the configuration for an EtmMonitor instance.
EtmMonitorFactory Factory to create an EtmMonitor based on configuration.
EtmPluginConfig Configuration for an EtmPlugin
PropertyConfig Base class for property capable configurations.
XmlConfigParser Abstract configuration factory.
XmlEtmConfigurator A configurator that reads its configuration from xml.

Exception Summary
EtmConfigurationException The EtmConfigurationException is thrown to indicate an invalid Etm configuration,

Package etm.core.configuration Description

Static configuration support similar to Log4j configuration.

This package contains the several classes that can be used to configure an EtmManager similar to Log4j BasicConfiguration or DOMConfigurator. You may use either BasicEtmConfigurator or XmlEtmConfigurator to configure a globally available EtmMonitor instance that is available via EtmManager.getEtmMonitor().

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