Package etm.core.aggregation

Pre-packaged aggregation strategies.


Interface Summary
Aggregate The Aggregate represents aggregated information of an execution point.
Aggregator An EtmMonitor uses a instance of Aggregator to collect and aggregate measurement results.
EtmFilter An EtmFilter can be used to decide whether a given EtmPoint satifies certain criteria or not.

Class Summary

The BufferedThresholdAggregator wraps an Aggregator instance and prevents processing of every measurement result by buffering them until specified threshold is reached.

BufferedTimedAggregator The BufferedTimedAggregator buffers measurement results for a certain period of time.
ExecutionAggregate The ExecutionAggregate represents the aggregated information of an execution point.
FlatAggregator Deprecated. Use RootAggregator instead.
NestedAggregator Deprecated. Use RootAggregator instead.
NotifyingAggregator An aggregator that creates CollectEvents for every new collected EtmPoint.
RootAggregator An Aggregator that cumulates results, supports both nested and flat aggregation.

Package etm.core.aggregation Description

Pre-packaged aggregation strategies.

Usually aggregation of execution statistics is computational intensive. Therefore collected data should be flushed using a background or bulk processes, which will be encapsulated by so called Aggregators.

This package contains basic aggregators and the related interface.

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