Class SimpleTreeModelRenderer

  extended by javax.swing.tree.DefaultTreeModel
      extended by etm.contrib.renderer.swing.SimpleTreeModelRenderer
All Implemented Interfaces:
MeasurementRenderer,, javax.swing.tree.TreeModel

Deprecated. Please don't use this renderer any more. With JETM 1.3.0 this renderer will be removed.

public class SimpleTreeModelRenderer
extends javax.swing.tree.DefaultTreeModel
implements MeasurementRenderer

The SimpleTreeModelRenderer renders all measurement results in a Swing TreeModel.

This implementation is considered alpha quality.

$Revision: 150 $
See Also:
TreeModel, Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class javax.swing.tree.DefaultTreeModel
asksAllowsChildren, listenerList, root
Constructor Summary
SimpleTreeModelRenderer(java.lang.String aRootName)
          Deprecated. Creates a SimpleTreeModelRenderer TreeModel.
Method Summary
 void render(java.util.Map points)
          Deprecated. Renders the results.
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addTreeModelListener, asksAllowsChildren, fireTreeNodesChanged, fireTreeNodesInserted, fireTreeNodesRemoved, fireTreeStructureChanged, getChild, getChildCount, getIndexOfChild, getListeners, getPathToRoot, getPathToRoot, getRoot, getTreeModelListeners, insertNodeInto, isLeaf, nodeChanged, nodesChanged, nodeStructureChanged, nodesWereInserted, nodesWereRemoved, reload, reload, removeNodeFromParent, removeTreeModelListener, setAsksAllowsChildren, setRoot, valueForPathChanged
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Constructor Detail


public SimpleTreeModelRenderer(java.lang.String aRootName)
Creates a SimpleTreeModelRenderer TreeModel.

aRootName - The name of the root node.
Method Detail


public void render(java.util.Map points)
Description copied from interface: MeasurementRenderer
Renders the results. The map contains current aggregate state. Keys are the names of the root EtmPoint, values are instances of Aggregate

Specified by:
render in interface MeasurementRenderer
points - All available results in no particular order.

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