Package etm.contrib.integration.spring.configuration

Spring 2.x configuration support.


Class Summary
ConsoleBeanDefinitionParser BeanDefinitionParser that parses a JETM console configuration element.
JetmBeanDefinitionParser Base class for our Spring BeanDefinitionParsers.
MonitoringBeanDefinitionParser BeanDefinitionParser that parses JETM monitoring configuration element.
MonitoringBeanDefinitionParser.MonitoringInfo A helper class holding currently known proxy names.
MonitoringBeanDefinitionParser.NamedEtmMethodCallInterceptor A EtmMethodCallInterceptor that uses one name for all measurement points.
RuntimeBeanDefinitionParser BeanDefinitionParser that parses a JETM runtime element.
SpringNamespaceHandler Registers JETM namespace to spring configuration.

Package etm.contrib.integration.spring.configuration Description

Spring 2.x configuration support. See JETM Springframework 2.x configuration schema.

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